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Fuzeblock Fuse Block FZ-1
Fuzeblock Fuse Block FZ-1
Item Id: FBLK_FZ-1 review

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The Fuzeblock FZ-1 is a fuse block that was designed from the ground up by a motorcyclist, for motorcyclists. This feature packed fuse block combines an integrated relay with the ability to switch from constant power to switched power on any of it's 6 circiuts simply by moving a fuse to the left or the right.

What that means to you the installer is no more hunting for a location for a fuse block, a relay, and maybe even a second fuse block if you want to run both constant and switched power accessories.

With the Fuzeblock FZ-1 all you need is a space large enough to accomodate it, a 12V wire from the battery, a ground wire to the battery, and a switched trigger wire. Once you have those connected you can start wiring up your accessories.

Did you wire your GPS to be on constantly and now you're finding that it's draining your battery? No problem, with the FZ-1 all you do is move the fuse from being a constant circuit to being a switched circuit. There is no need for rewiring if you want to change how an accessory is powered once it's connected to the Fuzeblock FZ-1.

Fuzeblock Features:

  • Weather Resistant Cover
  • Flame retardant ( UL 94-5VA ) ABS Cover
  • 2 - Onboard diodes to prevent transient voltages (Good news for Canbus bikes)
  • Each circuit can handle up to 10A
  • The total amperage used via the relay (switched power) is 30A
  • The total amperage on the constant side is 30A
  • Note: The total amperage for the entire FZ-1 should not exceed 30A
  • Crimpless heavy duty screw terminals
  • Wiring gauges up to 12AWG
  • Mini ATM fuses that can be found at most auto parts stores
  • Spare Fuse holders
  • Dimensions: L 3.25" x W 2.5" x H 1.25"

What People are Saying:


Fuzeblock Fuse Block for motorcycles

Customer Reviews Average Rating review View All Reviews
Nice Compact Unit
It is nice to have everything needed to make a neat installation which the FZ-1 Fuse Block provides. The self contained relay is a real space saver and I like the screw down wire connectors on the FZ-1. The small size of the FZ-1 is great for small space.
Reviewed by: John Wilson from Southern AZ. on 9/24/2014
Very well made and easy to install. My mounting plate and lots of tape enclosed the exposed solder connections on the bottom. I am no longer embarrassed by the rat's nest wiring on my previous bikes.
Reviewed by: Greg Anderson from Moosylvania. on 7/10/2013
Fuze Block for Can-Bus system
GREAT GREAT product! I like the options of always on, or only on with bike key.
Reviewed by: Robert Rehkopf from Cordova, TN. on 6/27/2013
Really well built, except...
First, let me say this is a fantastic product! This is a really well-constructed piece of electronic equipment. The ability to move from switch to always powered without having to re-wire is well worth the price of admission. The ONLY thing I dislike about this setup is the fact that the circuit board for this product does not fit inside the enclosure. Rather, it sits flush up against the bottom leaving all of the underside solder points exposed. The kit even comes with a lid for the box to close it up but because the circuit is physically too large to fit inside the box, it can't be used. This setup really leaves me scratching my head. Fortunately, I have a tool box under the seat that keeps the unit mostly-sealed from moisture but keep in mind that you'll want to protect it, somehow.
Reviewed by: David Dialogue from Boise, Idaho. on 5/30/2013
Awesome product
I had some issues with wiring a cruise control. I simply plugged this in and all the issues were solved. Very simple. You run a wire from the pos side of the battery and the neg side. Then you jump a wire from a switched source just to activate the included relay and your auxiliary add ons will be switched with the ignition. Genius!
Reviewed by: dave Reed from CT. on 5/29/2013
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