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Engine Oil Basics


The stories mechanics tell you vary. Some good, some bad! However, never use additives on a new motorcycle as this will prolong the running in process.

That’s about all. These are only a few of the basics when it comes to oil a

How to change Spark Plugs


As befits one of the most vital parts of your vehicle's engine, your spark plugs require replacement every 24 months or 30,000 miles to maintain optimal fuel economy and engine performance. You can save some money by doing it yourself.

R1200GS Adventure Charcoal Canister Removal


The purpose of this modification is two fold. First I'll be installing Ohlins and wanted to free up some space for the installation. Secondly, and more importantly, if the gas tank is filled too high the overflow will route the excess gas into

Two and Four Strokes Explained


Many years ago when I got hooked by motorcycles, I started to hear a lot about two and four stroke engines... It seemed there were (and there still are) strong opinions in pro and con of each of the engine types.