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External Heated Grip Kit
External Heated Grip Kit

External Heated Grip Kit

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The original idea for the Heat Demon hand warmers came from Symtec engineers to address the need to keep the hands warm while riding in cold temperatures. Because the hand is exposed to the cold air when pressing the throttle it can get very uncomfortable when riding in cold weather. However, Heat Demon Hand Warmers will keep your hands warm in even the coldest temperatures.
  • These are a great, must have accessory - 2 stage heated grips keep you comfortable and warm. Riding with these really do extend your riding season!
  • Superb quality made grip heater kit.
  • This quality kit allows the heating elements to be fitted neatly and discretely under the original manufacturer grips or your own favorites Easy to install, with 2 stage heat settings, the kit is suitable for all types of bikes, tourers, sports, and off road / enduro bikes.
  • The kit consists of two heating elements on flexible Mylar tape that attaches to your handlebar (clutch side) and throttle tube (throttle side) via permanent adhesive on the back.
  • The right and left heaters are different, to accommodate lower heat tolerance of plastic throttle tubes.
  • They draw 3 amps (36W) on the high position.
  • No external resistor or other parts are needed to install.
  • Available with either a 3-position (off, high, low) metal toggle switch or surface-mount round rocker switch These grip heaters provide you with an effective and convenient way to keep your hands and fingers warm, without having to use bulky and awkward winter gloves.
  • If you've never used heated grips before, you'll be amazed how much you do use them, once fitted and how you ever managed before
  • Please specify type of switch required - metal toggle (recommended for off road, ease of use with gloves) or round rocker (recommended for neat dash fit on sports bikes and tourers)

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