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Harmonizer - 2-port Vacuum tool
Harmonizer - 2-port Vacuum tool

Harmonizer - 2-port Vacuum tool

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The Harmonizer is a small, portable, battery-powered, Vacuum Multi-Tool intended to aid powersports engine tuning and diagnostics. It works for both carbureted and fuel injected motors. In addition to vacuum and RPM measurements in two distinctly different modes, a few utility/convenience features have been included.

Vacuum Measurement and Tachometer Functions
The Harmonizer has two Vacuum modes that both include tachometer functions. Balancer mode and Gauge mode. The Harmonizer measures the period of the vacuum pulses to calculate RPM.

Balancer mode displays the difference in vacuum at the two ports. There is a center-zero representation similar to an analog meter, and a numeric representation in the range of +/- 999mbar. A smiley appears if the vacuum difference is 0 +/- 25mbar. The "needle" sensitivity auto-ranges. If you exceed the limits of the display, the sensitivity of the "needle" is cut in half. The numeric display always resolves to 1 mbar. In Balancer mode the tachometer is calibrated for 4-stroke motors with one cylinder/intake. For 2-strokes or motors with 2 cylinders/intake you must divide the tachometer reading in half.

Gauge mode is a heavily damped vacuum gauge, intended to measure vacuum on intakes that support one or two cylinders. Only one Harmonizer port is used. The other is left unconnected. A left-zero meter representation is displayed along with a numeric representation in the range of 0.00-29.00 inHg.

Gauge mode can be used to adjust idle speed with the tach function and mixture (carburetor) with the tach and/or gauge function. Gauge mode can also a be a powerful diagnostic tool.
In Gauge mode, if you use the yellow port, the tach is calibrated for 4-stroke motors, 1 cylinder/intake.
In Gauge mode if you use the red port, the tach is calibrated for 4-stroke motors, 2 cylinders/intake.
As in Balancer mode, for 2-strokes in Gauge mode you must divide the tach readings in half.

Reliable, all electronic design, with digital signal processing and no moving parts.
Large, easy to read, LCD display.
Rugged housing with a clear polycarbonate top.
Vacuum hoses are removable. They attach to the unit with twist-on (finger tight) Luer type connectors.
Swivel-hook on top for hanging/attachment.
Simple one-button interface. Press/release button and wait for Auto-Zero calibration. The unit is now ready in balancer mode.
To access other modes and menu options, hold button pressed until desired function appears. Then release button.
The button is recessed to prevent inadvertent activation and breakage.
Auto Zero on power-up.
Auto Range.
Auto shutoff after 5 minutes of inactivity (except beacon and timed lantern modes).
Battery Voltage Indicator.
Automatic display backlight.

Bright White LED included for convenience.
Toggle LED on/off through menu or by a double press of the button for a quick flashlight function.

Rally/Tour/Camping LED modes.
Timed Lantern Mode illuminates the LED for 15 minutes then power-off. During timed lantern mode a single button press resets the timer to 15 minutes.
Beacon Mode flashes the LED in a randomly selected, 5-flash, repeating sequence. Potentially useful as an emergency flasher or locating beacon. (No, I'm not kidding).
Beacon mode does not time-out. It will persist until the mode is changed or the battery is depleted.

Specifications -
Storage temperature -20C to 70C
Operating temperature -10C to 50C

Vacuum Hose size/length 4mm (5/32) ID x 122cm (48 inches) SAE J1037 -40C to 125C (-40F to 257F)
Battery type 9V Alkaline battery (included) recommended

Typical current consumption and battery life (based on fresh Alkaline battery 500mA/hr 23C)

basic functions backlight off 11mA 45hrs
basic functions backlight on 16mA 31hrs
beacon mode (backlight on) 25mA 20hrs
LED on (backlight on) 34mA 15 hrs

Displayed Range (Resolution)
Balancer Vacuum +/-999mbar (1mbar)
Gauge Vacuum 0.00inHg - 29.00inHg (0.01inHg)
Tach 0-9990 RPM (<1500RPM 10 RPM steps, >1500RPM 50RPM steps))

Accuracy tachometer and internal timing +/- 0.5% @ 23C (+/- 2% over full operating temperature)

RoHS compliant
CE compliant

Notes on use:
Follow all safety procedures. Ensure your motor is adequately cooled during tuning and/or diagnosis. Do not leave a running motor unattended.
The Harmonizer is NOT waterproof. It should not be submerged or used in the rain.
Use on turbocharged motors in boost is not recommended.

The supplied vacuum hose is rated from -40F to +257F. It will melt if it contacts exhaust headers, exhaust manifolds, or catalytic converters.
There are restrictor tubes installed inside the hoses approximately 4 inches from the motor end. They work in conjunction with the hose volume to "snub" peak pressure impulses. They protect the Harmonizer sensor from backfire, racing motors with large valve overlap, motors with damaged intake valves, and motors that have large vacuum orifices (> 1.5mm). These restrictors should remain in place and the hoses should not be shortened.

The gauge function can be used on motors with 3 or more cylinders/intake (like a car) but the tach function may not work reliably and may not work at all (due to diminished vacuum pulse amplitude attenuated in the plenum) and the gauge is much more heavily damped than it needs to be for such motors.
Gauge readings are affected by altitude and weather (barometric pressure). By definition, gauge readings are with reference to atmospheric pressure.

The Harmonizer is extremely sensitive. Large temperature changes during use can affect the "zero" point (offset). If the "needle" doesn't return close to zero after switching the motor off, re-zero the unit and repeat the measurement. Avoiding direct sun and a changing temperature environment minimizes the need to re-zero.

The clear polycarbonate cover is very durable. But it can scratch, and it can be discolored or melted by a few aggressive solvents or extreme heat.

The battery voltage indicator icon displays only battery voltage. It is not always a precise indicator of how much energy the battery has left. Sometimes battery voltage can recover a bit after a period of rest. Especially if the LED has been in use.

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