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Neutrino Power Distribution Block
Neutrino Power Distribution Block

Neutrino Power Distribution Block

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The Neutrino Black Box is a waterproof distribution block that is smartphone configurable. It eliminates the need for bulky relays and fuses for your accessories. All of those electrical issues are controlled inside the Neutrino device itself, and are completely programable.
-Fully configurable and controllable via a smart phone
-60 amps total capacity over 6 circuits
-Can handle up to 20 amps on one circuit with current spike management
-Sequential circuit startup
-Programmable self-resetting circuit breakers
-Compact... 2” x 3” x .9”
-Fully waterproof and shock-resistant
-Uses easily accessible and reconfigurable screw need for special terminations
-Built with both power and ground planes. Minimizes ground loop and installation problems
-Heavy duty construction using 6 layer circuit board with heavy copper layers
-Remote temperature sensor
-Direct battery charger inputs
-Flexible connection architecture allows for optimal Bluetooth radio placement
More details:
-iOS application available from the iTunes store
-System is fully configurable wherever you need for a PC
-Updatable firmware
-Multiple distribution modules each maintain their own settings so you can move your phone from vehicle to vehicle while retaining all the settings for that vehicle

Highly configurable
-Circuit names
-Circuit breaker limits by circuit
-PWM (variable control) or switched control by circuit
-Settings memory by circuit
-Voltage alarm
-Ignition off behavior (auto shut down, timed shut down, voltage-dependent shut down) by circuit
-Units of measure
Unparalleled range of data
-Vehicle voltage
-Amperage by circuit and total
Full integration with smart phone core functionality
  • Apple: iOS7 and later on iPhone 4S and later
  • Android: most phones that support Bluetooth 4LE

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