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Ram SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker Cradle - RAM-HOL-SPO1U
Ram SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker Cradle - RAM-HOL-SPO1U

Ram SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker Cradle - RAM-HOL-SPO1U

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Part Number:RAM-HOL-SPO1U
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The RAM-HOL-SPO1 SPOT GPS Satellite Personal Tracker RAM Mount High Strength Plastic Cradle is designed to hold the SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker (1st Generation).

SPOT GPS Mount Options:

To help ensure you have the SPOT GPS Satellite Personal Tracker Mount you need, take a look at the list of available RAM mounts in our RAM Mounts and Bases Section.

Included with the SPOT GPS Cradle:

The cradle includes a set of two nuts and bolts to connect the cradle to any of the RAM compatible mounts.


SPOT GPS Cradle Manufacturer's Description:

If you are planning a trip off the beaten path, the Spot Satellite Personal Tracker is an ideal companion. Specifically designed to help keep you safe no matter where you roam, the worlds first satellite messenger is RAM compatible. If the Spot is not in your pocket, youre probably on the road or trail. No matter how you choose to get to your destination, RAM offers mounting solutions that are compact, durable, and keep your Spot fully accessible. This is key to taking full advantage of all the amazing features provided by your satellite messenger. RAM-Mounted within easy reach, you can track progress, ask for help, alert 911, or simply check in with family or friends. If youve got a Spot, get a RAM.

NOTE: RAM cradles only come with a cradle. To the cradle you will need to attach a RAM-B-238U Diamond plate. Once that's attached you select the arm length you want and the method it will attach to your bike.

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