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Rok Strap Adjustable Twin Pack - Black-Pink
Rok Strap Adjustable Twin Pack - Black-Pink

Rok Strap Adjustable Twin Pack - Black-Pink

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Do you need to secure a range of different luggage items to your road bike, cruiser bike, dirt bike or ATV (Quad)? Want a strap that minimizes the risk of damage to you, your goods and your paint work? Then our Strap It™ Motorbike Adjustable is the perfect strap for your needs.

Product Description:

Combines a long length of webbing with a short length of our unique flat shock cord. An adjuster buckle joins both portions together and allows easy adjustment of strap length. Each extremity of the strap is fitted with a webbing loop that allows each portion to be wrapped around anchoring points in a permanent fashion, or simply looped over an anchoring point. Superior design qualities ensure the highest levels of safety, strength, ease of use and long life.

  • Adjustable and very versatile. Adjusts easily to fit around most luggage items. Simply slip or wrap the strap around your luggage, fix down ends and you’re off! Look ...
  • Strongest Hold. Quality materials and good mechanical connections ensure these are the strongest of elasticised strap you will use on your bike. Safely holds 90lb (45kg) in a straight pull, or 180lb (90kg) when looped over cargo. Adjuster allows you to pull down tight for the strongest possible luggage hold.
  • Our unique flat, tough shock cord minimises pressure on goods, reducing marking, damage and roll-over.
  • We use a solid core of 100% natural rubber, which offers the best blend of tear resistance and oxidisation, and extends the working life of the strap way beyond that of multi-fibre cores.
  • Our unique "double stitching" ensures that the strap and buckles stay firmly together, minimising the chances of breakage and recoil.
  • Our tough interlocking buckles last the distance and are gentle on your goods and paint work - reduced scratching and recoil.
  • We use tight-knit polyester braiding for greatest fibre strength, U.V. resistance and wear resistance, and to further protect internal rubber from deterioration.
  • And finally, we use no metal in our straps, so there's never the chance of rust stains or damage to your bike's bodywork.

RokStraps Buckle

Available Length: 60” (1400mm) (Adjustable)

Available Width: 1" (25 mm)

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