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Time to start the clean up


At the 2005 Iron Butt national meet Warchild talked about having a properly prepared bike. It got me thinking bout how I had my bike set up. Wiring for my driving lights not in looms, cables zip tied to frame structures but not properly protected, and things placed where they were convenient rather than proper placement.

Today's projects were going to be to relocate the LED indicator for my AutoSwitch driving light switch. Now, when I initially wired it up I had routed the cables to an area that I could see it when driving but it wasn't very visible during direct sunlight. On top of poor location the cable had started to wear through because of plastic body work wearing on the cable.

LED Location

Never having done any any work with LED's I headed to Radio Shack to see what they had. I found a light I wanted to use, purchased it and stared ripping the front of the bike apart to right the wrong from my initial installation.

After shortening the cable by about 2 feet and soldering the new light on I was ready to drill the hole in the instrument cluster where it would be shaded from direct sunlight. Hopefully this will make it more visible on bright days.

Led after relocation

As you can see from the picture above the reworked LED is a much cleaner install. Shortening the wired means that I don't have loops of wire zip tied under the fairing and all the wiring was re-run along a path that enabled me to secure it to a sub-frame member.