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Why They Ride: A Moto-Documentary
Why They Ride: A Moto-Documentary

Why They Ride: A Moto-Documentary

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Brothers and motorcycle enthusiasts, Casey and Corey Wilkinson set out on a trip to Deal’s Gap in North Carolina. More than that, they wanted to discover and document what attracted riders to The Gap and to riding in general. Nestled amid the Great Smoky Mountains National Park resides 318 curves in 11 miles known as Deal’s Gap or The Tail of the Dragon, as it is also known. Rich with beautiful scenery and challenging curves, the stretch of road is almost like a public racetrack that has become a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Join two brothers as they set out to discover their fellow motorcyclists' passion for riding on one of the country's most beautiful and challenging roads: The infamous Dragon on the Smoky Mountain's US129.

How does a motorcycle adventure help a 75 year old father make up for lost time?
How does a sportbiking chaplain find spiritual fulfillment in the twisties?
How did motorcycling help a young woman battle cancer?

Viewers will experience 90+ minutes of riding, interviews, and Smoky Mountain scenery as well as find out how to access special features around the Dragon.

Why They Ride: A Moto-Documentary...


What does the Press have to say?

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  • - "Why They Ride effectively documents the infatuation and enthusiasm that surrounds a lifestyle that is known for its loyal, passionate and most of all, eclectic following."

    "More than simply a road and more than just transportation, this film digs deeper to find the many reasons people have for sharing a common passion. Set to great music and full of interesting characters, Why They Ride would make an entertaining film for anyone who has motorcycling in their blood. Much like the act of motorcycling itself, Why They Ride is better experienced than explained."
  • Road Runner - "Filmed on location in Western North Carolina, with the Tail Of the Dragon at Deal's Gap as its backdrop, Why They Ride is an entertaining investigation of… why we ride."

    "It offers lots of laughs, a few tears, and incredible riding footage in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. There's even an appearance or two by a guy identified only as "Scott," who looks suspiciously like Mr. Daytona. So, take it from us in the balcony: With the winter doldrums settling in, there are few finer (or easier) ways to keep the riding fires stoked than queuing a viewing (or two) of a DVD called Why They Ride.... "

Why They Ride: A Moto-Documentary

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